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Marketcap: $1,451,079

Sora Ecosystem is a decentralized autonomous economy that works within the Sora App where users can send and receive Sora XOR tokens, build reputation points and earn XOR by voting on projects curated by Sora.

Sora believes that economies should be decentralized, yet rational. The Sora Decentralized Autonomous Economy (DAE) is the world's first decentralized economy, where everyone participates to create the best world together. Soramitsu (www.soramitsu.co.jp), founded by Makoto Takemiya, Ryu Okada, and Ikkei Matsuda, is one of the contributors to Sora (www.sora.org) with the aim to create a new type of economic system to improve the efficiency of society.

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19,882,998,750 XOR

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18,912,800,000 XOR



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