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token binance-smart-chain
Marketcap: $765,293
U is for Decentralized Economy, and its value is correlated to the ecosystem's success via various economic links. It is a BEP-20 utility token built on the BNB Smart Chain and is the glue that binds all U community members together.

Unidef DAO's vision is Decentralized Economy enabled by Decentralized Assets, Decentralized Technologies, and Decentralized Entities.

The vision and mission of Unidef DAO will be driven by U holders, contributors, and community leaders. The DAO aspires to support a wide range of projects in Decentralized Economy, Crypto, NFT, and Metaverse space.

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Last 24hs




Last 24hs


Circulating Supply

172,259,933,000 U

Total Supply

792,000,000,000 U



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